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Our doors stay open because of our generous people like yourself.

You can donate through check, cash, Venmo, bars of gold … 😊 

What you can do to help foster a supportive, stable and empowering reality for our youth:

Become a Volunteer and/or Plan an Activity.  We have found that kids really engage with the activities we provide.  Whether it’s pumpkin carving as a seasonal activity or Judo classes as an ongoing activity, the youth in the community gravitate toward structured programming and we want you to help us.

If you have an idea like indoor Pickleball, LEGO Robotics, video game tournaments, arts and crafts, or any other creative idea that could engage our youth, please let us know.  We have lots of supplies, and resources at our disposal and, of course, a place to bring your idea to life.  We will even help you plan an event outdoors on the KATY Trail or one of our great parks.

We’re always open to hearing your ideas and excited to have others in Hermann put time and effort into our local kids’ lives.  Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll create a plan together!

Become a Monthly Donor. Ongoing support greatly helps us focus on planning and executing programs and events as we are able to more accurately project our budget and put less of our attention on fundraising and more on the youth! Donor Levels include: 

Queen: $200/mo.

King: $150/mo.

Rook:  $100/mo.

Knight: $75/mo.

Bishop: $50/mo.

Pawn: $20/mo.

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