Food Fight

Tickets and Registration

Join us for a fabulous night of friendly competition and fundraising as two chefs go head-to-head bringing you three courses of deliciousness with a catch… you don’t know which chef made what. Throughout the evening, you’ll wine and dine and use your dollars to vote as to which dish is best and which chef is victorious. ALL proceeds go directly toward helping establish a place in the community for kids.

Date: 4/24/2023

Location: The Cottage, 1185 Hwy H

Start Time: 6pm

Ticket Cost: $25 / person, limited seats available

Other Notes:

  • Cash bar available with wine and beer
  • All monetary votes go directly toward the fundraiser to facilitate youth programs in the community.  Please be prepared to support us by donating as your favorite dishes are unveiled.

Evenings Events

  1. Come Hungry
  2. Grab some wine or beer and mingle
  3. Enjoy Three Courses
    1. Taste each chef’s creation
    2. Decide which is better
    3. Vote with dollars for your favorite dishes
  4. Hear from each chef
  5. Reveal results and congratulate
  6. Mingle some more and hear about the new Youth Hangout