About Us

Hermann has a lot going for it. It is beautiful, entertaining, and full of people who are hard working and genuinely care about each other.  I have heard countless people tell me, “Hermann is a great place to raise kids.” I agree with them.  However, those same people, and I, also agree that finding a place that’s focused on kids and caters to just their needs can be challenging.


The Beloved Pawn is an organization that seeks to make Hermann a great place to raise kids with no reservation.  We exist just to focus on the local youth.  We provide engaging programming and events for youth (ages 0-18).  We meet their needs for education, entertainment, connection, positive attention, and safety. And in making kids’ lives better, we also make Hermann better.  


A healthy community is made up of healthy people.  That includes adults as well as children.  There are numerous places that adults can go to interact with each other to form the bonds of friendship and relationships that is important for their own well-being, and consequently, the well-being of the community.  Kids need this as well.  


A core goal and vision of the Beloved Pawn is to create a sustainable location in the community where kids can congregate on a regular basis to be provided some of the same benefits that the adults have.  We want to provide a place for kids to connect with their friends and family.  We also want to provide a staff that can facilitate these goals.  With the right training and supplies, our employees have the tools they need to invest and support kids in this community.  They in turn can make valuable contributions themselves.