My Beloved Pawn

Lost in a sea of identical faces
You know exactly where your starting place is

You are the smallest. Your movements aren’t fun.
At the beginning your line blocks everyone.

No sliding across boards. Rarely changing direction.
When choosing next moves, you’re last for selection.

But do not lose hope when novices refuse
To see your potential in each match they lose

They don’t know better. They always look past
Your endurance, your strength, your ability to last.

The pieces you block may be ornately designed
Their names are majestic but their movements defined.

When games begin, their identity’s revealed.
No chance for a makeover. Their fate has been sealed.

Not so for you, when an expert has played.
When the far end you reach, a decision is made.

You transform. You bloom. A change in your fate
A perfected tool for achieving checkmate

So don’t believe the deceptions they tell
The creator’s design includes you as well

You’re important. You matter. Insecurities be gone.
When you realize your worth, my beloved pawn.