Next Steps

For Us … For You

Climbing a mountain is rewarding, enjoyable in a group, and takes a lot of determination.  But, you have to take each step.  The careful planning and execution of each stride can lead to success.  And making sure you have the right resources in place can make the task so much easier.  Read below about what we’re doing and how you can climb along with us.

What we’re doing …

Applying for Grants

We know there are lots of resources from businesses and government agencies that can help us achieve our goals.  Our team is  searching for grant applications and submitting them on a regular basis.

Finding Heart

One of our biggest goals for the youth center is having the right people in the right places.  We are looking for people that have a real desire to grow the organization and spend quality time making relationships with the kids.  You can work alongside us by playing games, helping with homework, or just having a conversation with them to let them know they are valued and a special part of the community.

Special Talents

Do you have a skill that will complement our mission?  We need dedicated individuals that are excited to invest in our youth.  We know you may have a skillset you’re willing to share that we haven’t thought of yet.  Do you excel at teaching, training, explaining, playing, mentoring, etc.  Let us know what you’re good at and how you see yourself working with us.

Providing Resources

Kids need resources of all kinds.  We provide a safe place for the youth of our community to go that will help support them in their everyday life.  We provide programming that is educational, essential, and entertaining.  By involving kids in different kinds of programming, we provide a well-rounded experience for them.  This in turn helps them be contributors to their community as well.

What you can do …

Monetary Donations

Right now, finances are the biggest need we have.  We are looking forward to keeping our location open.  We wholeheartedly believe that children are the biggest need in Hermann right now.  Keeping this location open will provide countless opportunities for the mental, physical, and emotional health of our kids.

Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share

If shouting through a megaphone would help, we would do it.  However, your voice, shared through several online mediums will make our voices heard even more.  Check out our Facebook page, subscribe to our email database, and share all these resources with people so everyone knows who we are and what we want to accomplish.